The T. T.E.A.R Process


The Lord lays on our hearts that every unit of the Body of Christ should be involved in a continual five cycle exercise of processing every believer into a co-labourer with Christ. It is with gratitude that we received from God a simple, easy to implement process through which the Body of Christ world-wide can be matured and equipped to function as a dynamic instrument of the Kingdom!


That process is summarized with the acronym TTEAR. Briefly explained, it means we must:


Teach every saint the Constitution of the present phase of The Kingdom of God which is the Holy Bible. A systematic understanding of the Holy Scripture is the basis of making disciples out of believers. Understanding, applying and ability to preach and teach the holistic gospel is the most secure insurance against error so that our faith stands on Truth, not emotions. Disciples arise out of sound teaching!


Train the believer to the degree that after a brief while he or she joins the harvest field work. Saints should not stop at the stage of being disciples otherwise they will veer into religion and labouring with God by rote which makes them dull and ineffective in the long run. Disciples should be systematically trained to understand their full spiritual identity in Christ and what He has destined them to be in His Kingdom.


Equip them with a proper understanding of God, the Church, the World, the Devil and who they are in Christ to overcome all odds. All saints are to be equipped with understanding of what it takes to succeed in what God has called them to be. This is the only way  they can optimally contribute their quota to building up the Body. The equipping process takes place when students are engaged on a one on one basis by mentors who enable them to experientially apply learning to real life scenarios.


Activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit lying latent in them and all the graces God has placed at their disposal which are constrained by ignorance. By  revelatory utterances and impartations, the spiritual gifts and callings deposited in saints are activated to rise from a state of dormancy to become functional. It is a sad truth that the vast majority of saints die without discovering, pursuing or fulfilling their gifts and callings. The Global School of Ministry is being used of the King to change the trend.


Release them into productive ministry as co-labourers with Christ. The very labourers we are praying for – are right in the pews of Christian congregations labelled as “laity”.


The approach of waiting for people to leave “secular” jobs and enter seminaries or theological colleges to be trained to become a select few called “clergy”, a strange doctrine borrowed from Rome has been the greatest undoing of the New Testament Church. We have in effect frozen the vast majority of our human resource base in pews, bringing tithes, offerings and engaging in committee politics, as a docile laity while a tiny fraction of trained clergy are over laboured.


The golden key to the great end time harvest is to unlock the massive potentials in the so-called laity by taking them through the TTEAR process. This is the core assignment of the Global School of Ministry project, world-wide.


Minister Gozie Onyeaso, Deacon; Minister Nobert Ekeogu, Youth Pastor

Minister Daisy Amisu, Coordinator, Administration


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