Dominion Mandate of Man


Course 127: Signs, Wonders and the Miraculous

As the world enters the last stage of its life on planet earth, there will be a rash of miraculous manifestations and lying signs and wonders which can even confuse the elect. It makes sense therefore to understand the real deal and know why miracles are still for today.


  •  What are miracles, signs and wonders?
  •  In what areas of life can miracles manifest?
  •  What is the basis of miraculous manifestations?
  • Who can work miracles?
  • What are the red flags that indicate an impure or wrong source or channel of miracles?

How can you spot satanic inspired miracles, signs and wonders?
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Course 128: Understanding the Human Nature


This course will deal with a critical issue of the ages: the way God designed man as a tri- dimensional being. In 2 Thessalonians 5:23 and Hebrews 4:12, we see the basis of an important but neglected issue whose understanding will help the saint of God to live victoriously in this present life.


We shall explore these sub topics:


  • The Spirit of man, its source, nature and workings. What happens to it at point of death
  •  The soul of man. How it came into being, its’ essential nature and character and what happens when man dies.
  • The body of man. Where is it from, how does it function and what happens when man dies?
  • How the Soul and the Body combine to be what the bible calls the flesh or carnal nature. How does this nature fight spirituality?
  •  How to achieve true spirituality by bringing the soul and body under the headship of the spirit man which should in turn be ruled by the Holy Spirit.

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Course 129: Critical Adversaries


A Christian will succeed or fail to the degree that he or she understands three critical adversaries that work independently and cooperatively to nullify the testimony of Jesus Christ. These adversaries are: The Self Life; the World, the Devil and Denominationalism. Each of these adversaries are studied in detail to enable participants gain a real life understanding which will enhance spiritual insight/discernment, enable them to prayer more proactively and wage a good warfare. Participants will learn the three dimensions of man: spirit, soul and body and see how the motions of each affect spirituality. The impact of self on true spirituality will be outlined so that the principle of Matthew 16:24 is properly understood.



  •  What then is the self life?
  • How can it be defeated?
  • What are the provisions for a self-free life of true liberty?



  •  What is the World?
  • How is it organized?
  •  How has the world become churchier while the church is moving in the opposite direction, more worldly? How does this line up with the fact that the last of the churches Jesus addressed in Revelation 3 is the worldly church at Laodicea?



  • Who is the devil?
  •  What are his main assignments?
  •  How does he operate?



  •  What is it?
  •  Why is it an enemy of the true gospel.
  •  In what ways does it operate contrary to Christ’s express instructions on what His Church is?
  •  Usefulness and limits of denominations.
  •  The Kingdom gospel and the post-denominational era

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Course 130: Prayer & Spiritual Warfare


This course presents fresh insights to the issue of Prayer and Spiritual Warfare. This is one ministry and spiritual activity which has been abused and wrongly applied to give the Christian faith a bad name. We therefore find it necessary to present a biblical understanding of this vital ministry.


The core questions to be answered are:

  •  What is Prayer?
  • What are the linkages between prayer and the will of God?
  •  In what ways can we rightly describe intercession as the birthing of the will of God or partnering with God to bring to pass His counsel?
  • What kind of example did Jesus leave us in the ministry of prayer?
  •  What is the pattern of prayer He instructs?
  •  Why is Christendom torn between setting aside the pattern He taught and making it a rigid religious construct?
  •  What is spiritual warfare?
  •  How do we distinguish between spiritual, spiritist, soulish and devilish operations in the arena of prayer and spiritual warfare?
  • What are doctrines of devils (demons) in the ministry of prayer and spiritual warfare?

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Course 131: Dispensations, Seasons and Times


This course is designed to enable participants understand the prophetic time line of God’s dealing with humanity – from Noah till the Kingdom is fully restored. The dispensations are presented from both the divine and the human perspectives. Even within the context of the Church, there is an incisive analysis of the dealings of God with the sons of men, explaining how the gospel program has progressed from a Semitic activated through a Japhetic driven to the present Hamitic pre-dominated project.


The course will be covered in these sections:

  • The Dispensations of Man – an overview.
  •  The Dispensation of Shem and its timeline in spiritual and socio-political timeline
  • The Dispensation and Mantle of Japheth: its spiritual and socio-political timeline.
  • Rebuilding the broken tabernacle of Ham.
  • Ham’s only Hope – Jesus Christ.
  • The Omega Chapter of the Church and the World
  •  The end times: signs, timeline
  • Security of the redeemed

Ministry in perilous times
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