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Course 118: The Call, Cost and Rewards of Discipleship

Flowing from an experiential knowledge of Jesus Christ in all the dimensions as outlined in Course 102 “Understanding Jesus Christ” the need arises to determine what kind of relationship He expects from His own.


This course will present with clear detail:

  • The call to discipleship of Jesus Christ, not membership of denominations, as the prime need of the Church in our generation.
  • What the call is.
  • In what ways and with what language did Jesus make a demand on His followers?
  • What process does God expect believers to undergo to be who He wants them to be?
  • How does acceptance of the call of Jesus Christ affect our previous relationships?
  •  What are the rewards the Lord promises those who pay the price to follow Him?

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Course 119: Discovering and Fulfilling Your Ministry


Every Christian is called to discover and fulfil his or her ministry. Ministry is the expression of what we are impressed with by Holy Spirit. Considering the fact that we will all face the Lord of the harvest to give account of our ministries, it makes good sense to help everyone in this program to know and step out into ministry.


  •  What is spiritual DNA? How does the Lord package you in fullness?
  • What are constraints to discovery of your spiritual gifts?
  •  What really is “Ministry”?
  •  Is ministry for a select few called the clergy while the vast majority, the laity, are to be ministered to?
  •  To what extent do environmental factors affect ministry?
  • What is the core distinctive in Primary and Supportive Ministry?
  •  How are we fulfilled by helping Primary leaders to pursue and fulfil their ministries?

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Course 120: Personal Spiritual Growth and Maturity


This Course is intensely practical, designed to enable participants to achieve spiritual growth and maturity. The results are supposed to be self evident in the life of participants as they testify of behavioural changes, character development; attitudinal adjustments and private victories they win at the micro and macro levels.


The course will answer these vital questions:


  • What is Righteousness?
  • How is righteousness attained?
  •  What is the difference between judicial and actual state of purity? What is Holiness?
  •  How is Holiness attained?
  • Can one progress in Holiness?
  • What are the roles of The Holy Spirit, The Word of God and Suffering in forging true holiness?

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Course 121: Market Place Ministry


In these last days, it has become necessary to defreeze the Church and release her latent energies. For this to take place, we must stop the practice of ignoring or down grading market place ministry. We must also stop the self destructive system of harassing those God has called to market place ministry out of their glorious assignment in order to be “full time” ministers.

These questions are relevant:


  •  What is market place ministry?
  • What is the biblical basis of market place ministry?
  •  What models do we have in the bible?
  • What are the snares and pitfalls of market place ministry?
  •  What are the divine provisions for success in market place ministry?
  • What is the one outstanding fact of market place ministry in the bible?

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Course 122: Women in Ministry


One of the most controversial aspects of the bible is the interpretation of two Pauline exhortations concerning women and public ministry. We are commanded to compare scripture with scripture to understand the full counsel of God on any subject matter. This course then takes a holistic view of all the commands of scripture to establish the mind of God that women are called to minister just as their male counterparts.


To do justice to the subject matter, these issues are put under the spotlight:

  • What was the context in which Paul charged women to be silent in church at Corinth and Ephesus
  •  Did Paul recognize, receive and promote the ministry of women?
  • What is the biblical basis of women to function in ministry?
  • What constraints to women ministry are worthy of consideration
  • What are peculiar weaknesses which women in ministry must recognize and deal with at the cross to ensure the fullness of spiritual liberty?
  •  Balancing demands of home, ministry, career, etc.
  •  Peculiar pitfalls to avoid in women ministry.

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Course 123: Rewards of the Faithful


Those who are faithful in their charge will be rewarded in time and eternity. This course explores the depths of scripture to lay out the glorious blessings God has stored up for His faithful remnant who complete their assignments on planet earth.


These questions are germane:

  •  What are the specific rewards God promises His faithful servants?
  •  In what ways are these blessings veiled or made manifest through parables?
  • How should we relate to God: For His own pleasure or because of what He has to give?
  •  What happens when the blessings of time do not seem to come? What are we to do?
  • The God perspective of success: how does it differ from the perspective of the world?

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Course 124: Christian Marriage & Family Life


The institution of marriage has been under sustained attack by the devil and his cohorts. Coupled with an extremely perverse and self opinionated generation, this sacred institution has been disfigured by permissive preaching and teachings fostered by ministers without testimony. It is important to ascertain the mind of God on this pivotal institution.


A slew of questions beg for answers, namely:


  •  What really is marriage?
  •  How binding is marriage: a union, a partnership or an arrangement of convenience?
  •  What are the core spiritual, social, psychological, emotional and economic issues concerning this institution?
  • How can a Christian know the will of God concerning who to marry?
  •  What are the consequences of not hearing from or ignoring the choice of God?
  • What is the married state supposed to be?
  • Divorce: can a Christian marriage be voided? If so under what conditions?
  •  Separation: what conditions can occasion separation and what options exist for the couple?

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Course 125: Finances and Stewardship in God’s House


The course examines the place of money in God’s house. Avoiding the outlandish claims of the prosperity gospel, this course presents a biblical perspective of the role of money in the church and how God finances His own assignments as a matter of obligation, choosing whom it pleases Him to use as vessel.


We will thus answer these critical questions:


  • What is money?
  • How useful is money in establishing and expanding the Kingdom?
  • How are finances of the Kingdom generated?
  • What are tithes, offerings, covenant seed?
  • Can some offerings and fund raisings honour and dishonour God?
  •  Who should handle finances in the household of faith?
  •  When mammon seats on the High Altar: signs that something has gone wrong.
  • Should you continue to “sow” into a ministry whose practices and lifestyle dishonour the name and integrity of our Lord Jesus Christ?

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Course 126: Introduction to Christian Counselling


Christian counselling is the desire to help people overcome their problems, find meaning and joy in life, and become healthy and well-adjusted individuals, both mentally and emotionally. Christian counselling is distinct from secular counselling. Christian counselling rises to another dimension. “In contrast to psychologically-integrated systems, Biblical counselling seeks to carefully discover those areas in which a Christian may be disobedient to the principles and commands of Scripture and to help him learn how to lovingly submit to God’s will,” reports the International Association of Biblical Counsellors.

In this course we explore the ways to help a Christian to learn how to submit to the will of God, and thereby fulfil God’s call upon their life leading to peace and joy.

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