The Kingdom and the Church


Course 108: The Church


The Church of Jesus Christ is under renewed attack. It had always contended with sworn enemies that include the devil himself, the hosts of hell; agnostics and all manner of deviants who twist the word of God to serve their own bellies. Unfortunately, its new traducers are not outsiders but “spirit filled” celebrity preachers in the elite category who are preaching a new gospel which makes no room for the Church. In their new theology that is gaining ground like wild fire, these fancy preachers present a gospel that excludes the Church or, at best demonizes the Church and blame it for every imaginable trouble on planet earth. These fancy preachers speak only of the “Kingdom”.


This core course answers some of the hottest questions of the ages:


  •  What is the Church?
  •  How did the Church come into being?
  • What is God’s purpose in birthing the Church?
  • What is the life time of the Church and what is the prophetic timeline for completing its assignment?
  • How did Jesus intend the Church to operate at the local and city/regional levels in terms of structure, systems and processes?
  •  What are the instruments for growing the Church?
  •  What is the pattern, in which the Holy Spirit empowers the Church, directs the Church and energizes its witness and mission to a lost world. Is Church administration provided for in the Bible?
  • When will the Church fulfil its mission so that the Kingdom of God can be fully established?
  • Does the Church replace or co-exist with Judaism?
  •  What are the specific biblical ordinances and what do they mean: Baptism, Washing of Feet, Communion, Marriage, Child dedication, funeral, etc.

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Course 109. Kingdom Oriented Church Growth

These days, people are planning, planting and growing all manner of “churches”. Some are extensions of denominations while others are supposedly fresh expressions of church or churches “designed to meet needs and expectations of contemporary society”. It is obvious that Satan, being unable to scuttle God’s program for humanity will settle for a tendency to corrupt it. Just as Cain’s sacrifice was unacceptable to God, so will the Lord not be swayed by the amount of energy expended in “church growth” projects where what is done runs contrary to the plan and purpose of God. A careful examination of 1 Corinthians chapter 3 reveals that God is interested in how we build His Church and the building block we employ in the process. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus says unequivocally that “I will build my Church”.


The germane questions therefore are:

  •  How are New Testament assemblies of God’s people to be planted?
  • How is it to be operated? What is the acceptable governance system?
  • Can a church validly experience the fullness of Christ if it shuts off the full impartation of the Five Fold ascension ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers or runs on a mono-gift or part of the office-gifts?
  • What factors are critical to the health and growth of a Church?
  • How can an enabling environment be created for the Holy Spirit to do what He alone is uniquely placed to do in the Church?

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Course 110: The Church of His Vision


This special course is specially mounted for an Author`s precise presentation of the ground breaking book, The Church of His Vision, written by Dr. Cosmas Ilechukwu. Dr. Ilechukwu will be teaching from this outstanding work on The Church and answer questions. Long distance participants will be able to use available media, including: the website, CD`s, DVD`s and of course the hard copy of the book. Dr. Ilechukwu, who will teach this course, is a leading Apostle and Pastor. He oversees the more than six hundred congregations of the Charismatic Renewal Ministries, Inc. He is also the International President of the International Ministers Fellowship.

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Course 111: The Kingdom of God

This course has been mounted to clear the fog surrounding a critical issue: The Kingdom of God.


For this reason, the scope of the course will answer these questions:

  •  What really is the Kingdom of God?
  •  How was the kingdom established?
  •  What is the scope of the Kingdom?
  •  What are the phases of the Kingdom?
  • Who are the key personalities of the Kingdom?

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Course 112: The Ascension Office-Gifts (Five Fold Leadership Gifts)

This Course probes deep into the Word of God to show how Christ is the Chief Apostle, Chief Prophet, Chief Evangelist, Chief Shepherd(Pastor) and Chief Teacher of the Church. As He ascended on high, says Ephesians 4:7–12, He released to His Church His five-fold offices. In the economy of heaven, these gifts are sovereignty bestowed on whom the Lord pleases to represent Him in the process of building up His saints and His Church to full maturation.


The valid questions to be answered in this critical course are:


  • What is an Apostle? Is the office for this day and age? What are the specific roles God assigns to His Apostles within and without the Body? What are the privileges and pit-falls of apostolic ministry? What are the signs of an Apostle?
  •  What is a Prophet? Is the office for this day and age? What are the specific roles God assigns to His Prophets within and without the Body? What are the privileges and pit-falls of Prophetic ministry? What are the signs of a Prophet?
  • What is an Evangelist? Is the office for this day and age? What are the specific roles God assigns to His Evangelists within and without the Body? What are the privileges and pit-falls of Evangelistic ministry? What are the signs of a Prophet?
  • What is a Pastor? Is the office for this day and age? What are the specific roles God assigns to His Pastors within and without the Body? What are the privileges and pit-falls of Pastoral ministry? What are the signs of a Pastor?·
  • What is a Teacher? Is the office for this day and age? What are the specific roles God assigns to His Teachers within and without the Body? What are the privileges and pit-falls of the Teaching ministry? What are the signs of a Teacher?


In reality is rejection of any of the ascension or office-gifts a rejection of Christ Himself? Can any unit or part of the Church be perfected if it operates outside the impartation of any or the entire five-fold?

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Course 113: Concerning Spiritual Gifts

The Holy Spirit spoke through Paul the Apostle in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4 and through the Apostle Peter in 1 Peter 4: 10, 11 to outline what spiritual gifts are, the broad range of gifts and their application in the Church in 1 Corinthians 14 within the context of charity or love as expounded in 1 Corinthians 13. This course will seek to present a systematic exposition of the plan of God for His Church to operate as a supernatural entity of functional body parts which sustain each other and the whole in a matrix of spiritual gifts. Thus, the course will debunk the concept of the church as an organization with a pyramidal structure under a human Chief Executive which is the prevalent practice of the Laodicea church that bestrides the church world in this generation.


The questions therefore are:

  •  What is a spiritual gift?
  •  How many spiritual gifts are specifically mentioned in the Bible?
  • What spiritual gifts are implied and in what context in the bible?
  • How are spiritual gifts to be utilized?
  • What are the ways to discover our spiritual gifts?
  • What do spiritual gifts say of the ministry the Lord call us to. In other words, what is the co-relation between spiritual gifts and ministry?
  •  What are the dangers of operating outside our spiritual gifts?

Is the presence and exercise of spiritual gifts sufficient basis for success in ministry? If not, what are the essentials needful to fulfil ministry?·

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Course 114: Leadership in the Household of Faith

This course will be delivered against the back-drop of an understanding of the difference between the Church and the World. Thus, principles and practices the world holds dear, such as the concept of the leader as Chief Executive who literarily owns the vision and has others coming to help achieve his personal goals will be x-rayed to reveal their hollowness, vis-à-vis the Church. The course will thus reveal that the Church is inherently a “WE” and “OURS”, rather than a “me” and “mine” construct. If this is so, how can we regain the principle of the Church as a functional living organism?


These questions are answered in the various presentations:

  • How is the Church supposed to function at the congregational, city and national/regional levels?
  •  Why is leadership still necessary when the whole organs of the Body ought to function?
  •  What form of leadership does the Bible teach?
  • What kind of leadership did Christ teach and model?
  • What is the Jesus Leadership Development Process?


This course will help participants to make the essential transition to servant leadership whose strengths will lie in the depth of their intimacy with God, strong spiritual foundation and the anointing of the Holy Ghost which makes a way for them.

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Course 115: Authority

This course will examine the concept of authority to ascertain the mind of God. It is essential that the household of faith balance two seeming opposites: Liberty and Order. Standing as a pivot between these two concepts and lifestyles is the critical issue of authority. These questions will be answered through the various presentations:


  •  What really is Authority?
  • What is the basis of Authority?
  • Who is an authority and on what basis?
  • What do we owe authorities in the society
  • What do we owe authorities in the Church?
  • What is the “sword” of authority?
  • n What are the dangers of coming against authority
  •  How should authority be exercised in the Church


We shall also consider these precious but misunderstood and misapplied concepts -

Mentorship, Apostolic Fatherhood, Covering and Accountability

  •  The place of loyalty in the New Testament Church.

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Course 116: The Great Commission


Men have tried to complicate a very simple assignment of God, to the point that the message has lost its cutting edge. Jesus came essentially as the Paschal Lamb, to die for the sins of the whole world. After His death and resurrection, He charged the Church to declare the good news of a solution to the hitherto intractable sin problem to humanity so that “whoever” believes shall be saved [Matthew 28:18–20; Mark 16:15–18].The Great Commission is therefore, first and foremost, a declaration of the good news of salvation. However, the going forth of a believer is enhanced if he or she is first a witness to the power of Christ to save from sin as Acts 1:8 demands.


We shall therefore examine:

  •  What is the Great Commission?
  • What are components of the Great Commission?
  • Who is to execute the Great Commission?
  • In the post-modern Western culture, what are the range of tools that can be deployed?
  •  What does it mean to be a witness?
  • What is the role of miracles, signs and wonders in the Great Commission?

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Course 117: Ministerial Ethics

Stories of fallen ministers are not hard to find. Many of these stories focus on

sexual misconduct, but other kinds of misconduct are well represented, including the

misappropriation of funds and the misuse of power. Misconduct by ministers is a matter which demands attention. In this course we will explore ministerial ethics, its source, how to obtain and maintain it, and the biblical ethics required of a minister of the Word.


The second part of this course shall feature a presentation of The Ordination Manual which sets forth requirements for those who wish to respond to the Call of God for public ministry.

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