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Course 100: The Bible as Sure Foundation of the Christian Faith

This is a foundational course designed to present the Bible as the Word of God and ultimate guide of Christian behaviour in all areas of life. The course explores:


  • The inspiration and inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures
  • What the Bible says of the Ministry of the Word in the life of believers
  • Principles for benefiting from study of the Word: regular reading, meditation, purposeful application and exercise of faith.
  • How and why rightful understanding of the whole counsel of God and proper division and declaration, rather than subjective interpretation is the key to successful, God-approved ministry.

The course also present the heavy price saints of old paid and continue to pay to preserve and promote the Word of God.

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Course 101: Understanding God

God is the eternal reality presented in the Holy Scriptures with vivid language. He is also the substantive Supreme Being who His saints enjoy intimate relationship with. In order words, God is real to His own. These questions are answered in the course:

  • Who is God?
  • How is He described?
  • What are the essential qualities that define His Being?
  • How can we know Him?
  • What are the implications of a proper understanding of God rather than a mere emotional response or religious assumption of who He really is?

What does it mean to worship God in spirit and in truth?

How can we join the Four and Twenty Elders at the throne of Grace to worship God twenty-fours, everyday?


This course will proceed to establish the doctrine of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, their distinctive personalities and peculiar characteristics?

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Course 102: Understanding Jesus Christ

One single personality be-straddles the course of history. He existed before time. In the Bible, He was first mentioned on creation morning as part of the God head. On the day of the fall, He was prophesied as the seed of the woman. While most people of other faiths are not averse to discussions of God as powerful and all sufficient, they immediately bristle with anger when you make mention of Jesus Christ. Why is this so? These questions are critical to understanding of who Jesus Christ is:

  •  Who is this Jesus Christ?
  • Why did God need to be incarnated in human form?
  • Why did Jesus come?
  • What are the implications of having a proper knowledge of the Biblical and not merely religious Christ?


This course will exposit six dimensions of Jesus Christ that believers need to know since He is the reason for our being and the one to whose vineyard we are called to co-labor:

i. The Pre-existent Christ

ii. The Christ of Prophecy spanning all that was said of Him from Genesis to Malachi

iii. The Incarnate Christ

iv. The Paschal Lamb (His suffering, crucifixion and death)

v. The Risen Jesus

vi. The Glorified Christ who is the Coming King.


What does the Word say of Him in each of these dimensions and how do they affect what we believe, teach or preach?


The course will examine the biblical presentation of Christ in these offices: Creator, Savior, Redeemer, Justifier, Lord, Empowerer, Model, Shepherd, High Priest and King.

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Course 103: The Holy Spirit and humanity 

This definitive exposition of the Word of God will situate the full ministry of the Holy Spirit on planet earth amongst both the redeemed and the un-regenerated. His person; office and assignment will be explored from the depth of revelation in the Word committed to this teaching commission. Questions to be answered include:


  •  Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • How does He act?
  • What are His roles in the Church of Jesus Christ?
  • What is His role in the world?
  • What are the specific ways in which He empowers and enables the individual believer to fulfil his life assignment?

What Does it mean to sin against the Holy Spirit?

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Course 104: The Five Fundamental Glorious Truths


This course presents the five radical blessings God offers whoever will accept His call for salvation. It is a course which presents the true heart of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. In so doing, this course shows why the gospel is called the Good News. It presents the depths of these glorious truths which should shape the world view and lifestyle of the saints of God and truly make them live an “other worldly life”:


Redemption through the blood that was shed at the cross of Calvary – what it is and all the dimensions thereof.

Justification and the translation from sinner to saint for those who truly repent of their sins.

Adoption, wherein the former sinner is translated or conveyed into the Kingdom of God;

Inheritance – the full benefits of being in Christ Jesus. The Covenant Blessings of Calvary cross.

Grace – the basis of the new life of the redeemed is the strength and power of God in Christ!

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Course 105: The Five Fundamental C` s (Responses of the Truly Redeemed)

In view of the glorious truths that God presents to His redeemed in Course 105 above, there is a five-fold matching responsibility from His own. The five responses of the truly redeemed are:


Conversion – Based on Acts 3: 19 -21, the change of mind and heart arising from genuine repentance and salvation.

Consecration – Based on Romans 12:1 and Psalms 50:5, the act of complete surrender to God to live for Him wholly.

Commitment – Based on Matthew 6:33, the act of single minded pursuit of the Kingdom and its righteousness as the primary goal of the redeemed on earth.

Communion – Based on 1 Thessalonians 5: 17, the act of being in 24/7 touch with God; conversing with and seeking directions from Him in all things. Call – Based on John 15:16,1 Peter 2:9 and Revelations 1:6, the acceptance of the call of God on all believers to serve as priests and kings, ministering to Him, His people and fulfilling the transformational assignment of the church in our environment as the Salt and Light [Matthew 5: 13 – 16].

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Course 106: The Ultimate Three: Faith, Hope and Charity

This course examines the words of 1 Corinthians 13:13 to understand what, in God’s mind constitute the essential things to pursue in this present life. The idea is to refocus our hearts and minds on them so that we can truly live in the light of eternity. One of the most profitable engagements of the redeemed is to set our sights high on what God Himself esteems highly. We will examine:

  • Faith: what is it?
  • Various Dimensions of faith
  • The critical nature of faith in the Christian walk
  • What is Hope?
  •  The dynamics of hope
  • Charity: what is it?
  • The properties/components of charity

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Course 107: Grace

This course will examine in detail this experiential, practical lifestyle issue: Grace. Participants will be enabled to have a deeper understanding of the primacy of GRACE as the first fruits of the redemption in Christ Jesus.

These questions will be covered:


  •  What really is Grace?
  • On what basis does Grace operate?
  •  What are the implications of living by grace?
  • What benefits can the believer expect from living a life of Grace?

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