A Divine Assignment

The state of the Church in our generation is pathetic. In spite of the express master plan of God for the church and the specific, detailed revelations Jesus Christ personally granted Paul the Apostle concerning how His Church should be and live, men have set aside the divine order to make room for their fancies. The result is the religious spirit which substitutes the liberating gospel of The Kingdom of God with dead religious traditions of men.

Apostle George & Pastor Grace Akalonu, Visionaries

We thank God that He has not given up on His most treasured Church. Ephesians 5: 26-27 shows us the picture of the ongoing sanctification of the Church orchestrated by heaven. In Acts 3:19–21, Peter, speaking by inspiration of the Holy Spirit noted that there will be a time of restitution (restoration) of all things. That time is now and God is raising an elect company of His saints according to the election of grace – [Romans 11:5, 6] to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints [Jude 1:3].

The Global School of Ministry is birthed, by the providence of God, to be the arrow head for raising a generation of ministers of the gospel whose singular passion will be restoration of His glory on earth. These are men and women who will allow the Holy Spirit to work out the character of Christ in them first and with proper understanding of their mandate as Kingdom citizens and Ambassadors, release them with the anointing to  minister to God, His saints and society.

Leaders of our companion in Reformation, Restoration & Revival

International Ministers Fellowship

Apostle George & Pastor Grace Akalonu

International President

Dr. Cosmas & Dr. (Mrs) Adeola Ilechukwu

Chair, Global Governing Council

Apostle Vance & Debbie Russell

Visionary, AMI

Bishop Stafford & Evang. Augustina Nwaorgu

Africa Director

Apostle Fred & Prophetess Kathleeen Harri

N. America Director
Chair, USA
Advisory Council

Pastors Leonard & Pauline Amechi

President, IMF-UK

Apostle Stacy & Min. Carl Slaughter

President, IMF-USA

Pastors Jeremiah & Elizabeth Emuchay

Director of Admin

Apostle Chinwe & Albert Obadeyi

President, Ireland