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God has revealed to us the truth of His word that every citizen of His Kingdom is called to ministry of various types in different dimensions. The Global School of Ministry has been activated by the King  to cater for the following type of people

  1. Christians who know the Lord experientially through the new birth experience and love Him enough to respond to His call for more labourers to participate in the final harvest. Ideally, such people need to be Spirit filled. If they are not yet filled, they should desire to partake of the blessed experience.
  2. Full or part time ministers of the gospel that are hamstrung by limited understanding of God and His word and yearn for an intimate relationship with Him.
  3. Church workers and officers who realize that lack of training has hampered them from being effective in the hands of God.
  4. Believers who are rusty in the pews due to lack of engagement with their gifts and callings and realizing that they must give account to God, they want to be prepared to engage in ministry at the level God who created and redeemed them ordained.
  5. Young or new Christians who love the Lord so much that they yield to His prompting to serve Him.
  6. This curriculum is also recommended for adoption by Congregations and Ministries who understand the need to train those who work with the Visionary or Pastor. In that case, the Visionary or Pastor can simply enrol in our Train The Trainer programme. This curriculum is then used by him/her to train the saints. After training, the Visionary or Pastor can determine by the Spirit those God has affirmed to be ordained.
  7. The training is especially useful for training saints in The Market Place and Civil Society. The Gospel of The Kingdom is not a ‘Come here’ proposition but a ‘Go Ye’ one! The Church is not called to hide within four walls of brick and mortar, seeking to touch lives of only those who come in. That tendency leads to the principle of escapism which dims the Light of the Church and takes away the flavour of Christ it carries. The Church is called to engage with its contemporary society as Salt which adds value by catalysing flavour as well as an agent of preserving the environment from corruption Matthew 5:13=16. This vision of our King, Jesus Christ,  is best fulfilled when saints who are in business, the professions, civil service, public service, government and community affairs understand that they are in ministry as Ambassadors of Jesus Christ to whom they owe ultimate allegiance. This curriculum will deliver that outcome by the grace of God.

Notwithstanding where a participant is in the journey of faith, he or she will profit greatly from a condensed, intensive spiritual formation exercise over an eighteen – 24 month period. During this period that constitutes a learning cycle of the Global School of Ministry, the participant will be exposed to the body of knowledge listed in the curriculum section of this prospectus. More than the body of knowledge however, participants will be challenged to have an experiential knowledge of God and grow in intimacy with Him during this critical period of their lives.


One critical part of the training is the self paced spiritual assessment exercise whereby a participant is able to determine how well he or she is doing by ascertaining the level of intimacy with the Lord achieved over the training period. The participants should be able to determine how tender their hearts are; how wholly yielded they are to God; their attitude to life and other people; their stewardship of God’s blessings and how much their Faith in God, Hope in Him and Love for Him and His saints are growing.

Centre Coordinators & Mission Central Leaders