This program is entirely tuition free. However, we request that participants share their experience with at least two persons for purpose of passing it on according to the principle in 2 Timothy:2:2. By offering the training free, we are simply obeying the Lord who commissioned us to teach, train, equip, activate and release an elect company of co-labourers in the vineyard who He will use to catalyze Reformation of His Church; Restoration of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and gifts of the Holy Spirit and personal Revival wherein God’s people prove their passionate love by obedience from the heart. Students and connected ministries are encouraged however to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to willingly support their local study centers with love offerings. Here in London, there is always need to finance expansion and we welcome partners who can support with regular offerings via PayPal. Please see the section titled Global Partners where there is information available for those who sense the King wants to use them to support this vision.




Under normal circumstances, the program should be completed within eighteen months. This is possible in an intensive package of at least 5 impartation and teaching contact hours per week. Those who can only spare 3 hours a week will complete their program in about two years. For those studying entirely online, the program can be completed in 18 months.



Heart of the Matter

This is not an academic institution awarding certificates or diplomas for those seeking upward social or academic mobility. It is rather a Kingdom equipping and Christian discipleship training facility for producing quality co-labourers with Christ in the Vineyard; people who yearn to be wholly sanctified, consecrated to God and committed to His Now agenda for the Church and humanity.


Whether you are called to Market Place Ministry (as a Christian Professional, Business person, Civil Servant, Public Servant) or into Five Fold (Pulpit) Ministry (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher) or to just serve God in the congregation and  community, there is  need to be equipped to succeed. There is no one redeemed to sit on the pew – 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, John 15:16; 1 Peter2:9.


A key phrase the Lord put in our hearts is this: “God does not call the qualified but qualifies the called”. The Global School of Ministry is a prime facility in this process. Accordingly, participants should be open to receive correction, rebuke and discipline, as the Lord will lead facilitators.



On successful completion of the program, participants should become Kingdom citizens and Ambassadors: transformed disciples of Jesus Christ who will be connected with His other remnants to prepare the earth for His imminent second coming. Those who desire to participate in the International Ministers Fellowship project will be offered its ministerial credentials including Licensing and Ordination on conclusion of their studies.


Those who are not persuaded to participate will be provided attestation of completion as well as other credentials arranged by Arise Metropolitan Communion of Kingdom Ministries.


Those who are previously ordained but have not been productive and desire to be re-consecrated will be obliged. For those already serving as pastors of congregations or leading a ministry, we will share with them some of the specific revelations the Lord has given on how to bring in the final harvest. We also commit to help all participants to succeed in ministry.


The most critical outcome however is that participants will be equipped to know God on a more intimate, experiential level; understand and yield to the core call for which He created and redeemed them. They will be enabled to appropriate the fullness of His grace to labour fruitfully as well as receive the training in prayer and spiritual warfare which is necessary to overcome the devil and all odds to finish their assignment on earth.