In line with a divine vision of the power of the cell based revival movement, teaching centres exist anywhere there are participants who meet the demand of Psalm 50:5. The Global School of Ministry is training saints for ministry in over 110 countries throughout the world utilizing face book and the internet.


If you or your ministry are led by the Holy Spirit to start a local centre please read the document in the downloads section titled: 2 Timothy 2:2 Project. You can also contact the visionary below for information.


Apostle George & Pastor Grace Akalonu


Global School of Ministry

c/o London Metropolitan Forum

Community House

19-20 Eastern Road

Romford, Essex

United Kingdom



Telephone (UK): 07595022870, 01708438295
email: visionary@globalschoolofministry.info


Please register for the Global School of Ministry using the application form on this site. You can also visit the downloads section to obtain the Prospectus.

If you want to be on the daily mailing list, please make a request to apostlegeorge.arise@gmail.com  or ariseoffice@yahoo.co.uk


  1. 1.     2 Timothy 2:2 Project


In 2 Timothy 2:2, the Kingdom principle of multiplying after kind is articulated in a simple way. In the Global School of Ministry, we practice the principle. Every saint can become an instrument of supporting other saints to grow in grace and be trained to serve the King, fellow saints and humanity.


Within your neighbourhood, Community or City are saints who are thirsting after righteousness and seeking more than the average spiritual diet served in the average church. As the proverb says, ‘birds of the same type flock together’. Those seeking deeper relationship with God and who want to discover why they were created and redeemed constitute the remnant of God.


What you can do to participate in the 2 Timothy 2:2 project is simple:

  1. Enrol for the Global School of Ministry by filing out the application form online.
  2. Prayerfully determine how much time you can consistently devote to daily study of the teaching notes backed by much prayer and openness to the Holy Spirit. A commitment to spend 2 hours 40 minutes daily in combined morning and evening devotionals with the teaching materials will produce the best effect. Even if you can spend only 1 hour daily, please make it consistent.
  3. As soon as you complete a course note, endeavour to do the attached assignment. If there is none, request for one.
  4. Once you understand the teachings and receive the illumination of the Holy Spirit, prayerfully reach out to saints within your sphere of influence. Invite them to a regular weekly session where you will teach what you have learnt. It has been proved time and again that this approach stretches people to draw down on the grace of God to learn even more. Encourage participants to ask questions. Please refer those you cannot handle to us via ariseoffice@yahoo.co.uk or post them as comments on the website. You may start the study in your home, in an office, trailer, a Community Hall or hall of a ministry.
  5. Encourage all who participate to enrol on this website so that they too can receive the course notes which will make your work easier.
  6. Keep record of attendance and execution of group and individual assignments. Please send us monthly situation reports so that we can track progress of you and the Center.

You are effectively under the Train the Trainer Program of Global School of Ministry! We pray the fullness of the grace of God as you step up the plate.

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