The Global School of Ministry is one out of a number of global visions and ministries that collectively deliver the vision of Reformation, Restoration and Revival world-wide. Each of these ministries focuses on a specific, identifiable part of the grand vision from the King. As you study these summaries, be open to the Holy Spirit who can show you where you can serve best. There is more than enough room for you!

Other Missions within the Reformation, Restoration and Revival Movement

1. International Ministers Fellowship is a network of ministers of the gospel of the Kingdom of God across the world irrespective of colour, gender and age spread across Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania!

We are a living, loving network of like-minded ministers of the gospel who share a passion for intimacy with the Lord and genuine relationship with each other for accountability in an increasingly hostile world.

If you are looking for a true Fellowship home free of agendas and all the features of Babylon, religiosity and worldly organizations, International Ministers Fellowship is the place you belong. Here, you do not pay any fee to belong neither are you subject to any taxation to remain in good standing. Any support you render to sustain this movement at the local, national or international levels should be an act of love, coming from a heart which is truly connected to the Heart Beat of God for this final hour.
For new ministers and those who have no attachments to denominations, we provide a simply pathway to obtain all the ministerial credentials you need as well ordination, where necessary. The Fellowship also provides brethren the support to network with ministers in other countries to fulfil our Acts 1:8 mandate!

2.Arise Metropolitan Assembly.
This local congregation was birthed to be a laboratory the Lord uses to validate revelations coming forth through the Global School of Ministry. The Assembly is close to having a fully functional Presbytery comprising the Five Fold Office gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. All the saints are either already trained and are walking in their gifts and callings or are in training.
Arise Metropolitan Assembly can rightly be said to be the instrument God has used to sustain the Reformation, Restoration and Revival Movement in a special way. The Assembly has no space for religiosity or denominationalism. All saints are challenged to discover which functional part of Christ they are and to walk in the liberty of son ship. The Assembly provides the bulk of labourers for Mission Central which coordinates the affairs of the Movement.

3.Frontline Intercessors. This is a network of prayer warriors and intercessors across the worlds that are passionate to see reformation of the Church, restoration of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and revival among saints.

4.Global Missions Board: This is an agency God will be using to challenge the Body of Christ world-wide to rise up to fulfil the Great Commission. Using Acts 1:8 as basis, officials of the Board have started a pilot scheme through which the gospel is preached systematically world-wide starting with Elm Park, its host community through greater London and world-wide. To achieve global evangelization, GMB will be used by God to encourage ministries in the developed world to Adopt Pastors, Ministries, Widows and Orphans.
5.Global Missions Fund. The Fund will become a one stop centre for enabling saints in developed countries to pool together resources to support those in developing nations. It will also resource those in frontline missions and respond to emergency disasters on behalf of the Kingdom. Two arms of the Fund are functional. One operates out of Chicago, Illinois led by Apostle Jewel Robinson backed by Word and Worship Ministries in South Holland. The other which covers Europe is based in and

6.London Metropolitan Forum. This is an agency that will provide a platform for saints in the Market Place to connect with each other and utilize the services they offer, irrespective of their denominations and cultural backgrounds. It will also be an instrument for the Body of Christ in the London Metropolitan Area to engage with various Government agencies at the Borough and Greater London Authority levels.

7.The Alumni Association of Global School of Ministry. This will be the instrument for ensuring that products of the Global School of Ministry connect, relate and support each other. Through it, they will also be able to make collective impact on the School and encourage current students.

8.Kingdom Business International Ltd. This company has been incorporated to publish revelations granted the Global School of Ministry and to serve the Body of Christ world-wide. It will publish heroes of faith, biographies, and autobiographies which will challenge saints to seek first the Kingdom and its righteousness. Books for children, Youths, Families and ministry in the market place will find expression through this publishing house. Legacies of Christ was first to roll off the press in 2012 . Arise! The magazine of the Reformation Movement and the ground breaking book, Discover and Fulfil Your God Given Ministry follow. The company will operate the Kingdom Economics Model and will shun Mystery Babylon and its enticing ways with all diligence. If the Lord tugs at your heart to be one of the primary editors or to distribute books and magazines published by KBI, please write to us at

9.London Kingdom Showcase. This is an annual exhibition of ministries and agencies in the Body of Christ which make specific impact on Society and reflect the nature and priorities of Jesus Christ. It is convened to provide a one stop centre where producers and consumers of spiritual and social services interact, connect and make informed decisions according to the will of God.

10.London Singles Summit. This is the annual gathering of mature and eligible brothers and sisters to share experiences encourage each other and receive divine instruction on the way forward to know, connect with the will of God, prepare for marriage and joyfully stay together in God ordained, marriages.
11.Women, Arise! This is the annual Conference where saints in female bodies are encouraged to understand the perfect will of God for them as sons of God who will give account on the last day for their gifts and callings received in the spirit-man. The dynamics of the marriage estate is also examined as well as biblical roles of wives, mothers and income earners.
12.Media: To ensure adequate communication of the message, vision and mission of the Reformation, Restoration and Revival Movement, these media will be deployed by the grace of God: Arise! – The Magazine; Arise Kingdom Radio a 24/7 internet station based in Houston and Arise TV which will debut soon.